Shelter Mivardi Quick Set XL

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Light and compact sized shelter with a simple and extremely quick set up. It is designed for one bedchair and at the same time offers enough space for luggage, a table, baits and other accessories. The walls are reinforced with strong but flexible fiberglass rods, which ensure the stability of the shelter. In extreme situations, this can be further increased with anchor cords and thus ensure resistance even to very strong winds. The delivery includes a hanging organizer for small accessories that you can easily attach to the wall. After packing into the carry bag, you will also appreciate the minimum transport dimensions of this shelter.


6,9 kg

Vodni stolpec

5000 mm

Največje ?tevilo oseb


Transportna dimenzija

127 x 22 cm


Door window 95x122cm+3x window 80x70x70cm


height 164 x deep 200 x width 225 cm

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